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New Arrivals
Nagel/Morgana, docufold, 1996 (Ref.:M5554)
Year: 1996   Size: 674 x 365 mm   
Price: on request   
2 x pockets
with perforating tool
Creo, Lotem 800 II V, 2003 (Ref.:M5552)
Year: 2003   Size: 650 x 1.130 mm   
Price: on request   
Stahl, KD 78/4 KTL, 1997 (Ref.:M5551)
Year: 1997   Size: 780 x 1150 mm   
Price: on request   
Stahl, KD 78/4 KTL, 2004 (Ref.:M5550)
Year: 2004   Size: 780 x 1150 mm   
Price: on request   
Heidelberg, SPEEDMASTER 102 ZP, 1997 (Ref.:M5549)
Year: 1997   Size: 720 x 1020 mm   
Price: on request   
CPC1-04 remote ink ,register control, diagonal register, save Printjobs etc.
Polar, 137 E, 1997 (Ref.:M5548)
Year: 1997   
Price: on request   
Müller Martini, MONOSTAR 3016, 2002 (Ref.:M5547)
Year: 2002   
Price: on request   
Roland, R 704 P, 2004 (Ref.:M5546)
Year: 2004   Size: 740 x 1020 mm   
Price: on request   
Printing units 4
Suction feedboard with sheet slow down
Automatic format adjustment
Automatic substrate thickness adjustment
Remote-controlled circumferential,lateral and diagonal register
Remote color control
Automatic inking train seperation
Central adjustment of plate inking roller oscillation
Speed-compensated inking and damping units
Ceramic-clad water fountain rollers
Automatic inking roller wash-up device
Automatic blanket washers
PPL automated plate changing
Rear plate clamp divided into 7 segments
Visually controllable sheet travel in t
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