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New Arrivals
Müller Martini, Tigra 1570, 2007 (Ref.:M5874)
Year: 2007   
Price: on request   
Gatherer with 16 stations
9 clamps
Nagel, Citoborma 480 AB, 1994 (Ref.:M5873)
Year: 1994   
Price: on request   
Electric control
Number of drill heads: 4
Drilling diameter max .: 20 mm
Drilling diameter min .: 2 mm
Brehmer, 39 3/4-2, 1954 (Ref.:M5872)
Year: 1954   Size: 270 x 355 mm   
Price: on request   
semi automatic sewing machine
size min. 120 x 70mm - max. 270 x 355 mm
6 stitching heads
speed 70 cyc./min.
Heidelberg, S-Zylinder, 1956 (Ref.:M5867)
Year: 1956   Size: 540 x 720 mm   
Price: on request   
Heidelberg, Printmaster PM 52-2, 2005 (Ref.:M5866)
Year: 2005   Size: 370mm x 520mm   Impression: 40 mio   
Price: on request   
presscontrol with remotely adjustable circumferential and lateral register
Heidelberg suction tape feeder
ultrasonic and electromechanical double-sheet detectors
sheet arrival control
remotely controllable front and pull lays
alcolor continuous-film dampening system with circulation, cooling and alcohol stabilization
18 rollers, including 4 form rollers
laser-slit blade-type ink fountain
chromed plate cylinder
easyplate with automatic positioning run
diagonal register adjustment via plate c
manual adjustment of cylinder contact pr
corrosion-proof blanket cylinder (3mm in undercut)
anodized impression cylinder with replac
bearer-on-bearing running
Schneider, SENATOR 115, 2005 (Ref.:M5865)
Year: 2005   Size: 115 cm   
Price: on request   
Air table
Side tables
Photo cells
Horizon, VAC 100, 2006 (Ref.:M5863)
Year: 2006   
Price: on request   
Stitching and folding unit SPF - 20 A
Trimmer FC - 20 A
Müller Martini, Normbinder 3001/3, 1980 (Ref.:M5862)
Year: 1980   
Price: on request   
8.000 hours
Muller Martini Transporter 210
Muller Martini Three Knife Trimmer 3670
Muller Martini 272 Signature Gatherer
Pre hot melt M.B.
Stations gatherer 15 feeders
Joggers ad transfer to binder
24 clamps, spine preparation unit, MB hot melt spine and side glue,
pre-melt, inclined cover feeder, single pressing station,
conveyers to Muller Martini 3670 three knife trimmer with cassettes
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