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New Arrivals
Roland, R 310 P, 2004 (Ref.:M5675)
Year: 2004   Size: 530 x 740 mm   Impression: 128 mio.   
Price: on request   
Blanket washer
cardboard guide
CCI remote control inking with densitometrical qua
CPL Platechange
On request more information available
perfecting 5/5
plate punch
RCI remote control inking
Rolandmatic Dampening
wash device for impression cylinders
Glunz Jensen, Platewriter 2400, 2008 (Ref.:M5674)
Year: 2008   
Price: on request   
Complete machine
PC Dell
RIP Harlequin
GUK, FA 46/4 R1 FE, 1986 (Ref.:M5672)
Year: 1986   Size: 460 x 520 mm   
Price: on request   
4 pockets
Heidelberg, Speedmaster SM 52-2, 2000 (Ref.:M5670)
Year: 2000   Size: 360 x 520 mm   Impression: 90 mio.   
Price: on request   
straight printing press
Alcolor Dampening
Laser Slit Ink Ducts
Powder Spray
Double Sheet Control
Minus Version
Stahl, TI 40/4-FI 40, 2001 (Ref.:M5666)
Year: 2001   Size: 400 x 650 mm   
Price: on request   
4 pockets
becker compressor
Wohlenberg, 92 MCS-2 TV, 1992 (Ref.:M5665)
Year: 1992   Size: 110 x 920 mm   
Price: on request   
digital program
photo cells
air table
side tables right and left
KBA, Rapida 75-5, 2007 (Ref.:M5664)
Year: 2007   Size: 60 x 75 cm   Impression: 148 Mio.   
Price: on request   
Remote control GrafiControl (23 zones)
Ecomatic blanket-free
Double diameter cylinders
Bacher Control 2000
quick action plate clamps
Dampening fa. Bottcher
Automatic washers
High delivery with touch screen
Powder spray
Semiautomatic plate loading
IR dryer Inkdry Plus
Ionization Simco
Double sheet loading detector
Katana, 104, 2003 (Ref.:M5661)
Year: 2003   Size: 1040 x 1200 mm   
Price: on request   
8g/m² glue
Brush and rubber rollers
Calender: TPM
Feeder: Mabeg M3 / 1200
Hot water Tool Temp
Lamination unit: TPM Katana 104
Speed 40m/min
suction tape board
TPM coating unit Katana 104
TPM paperdust exhaust unit
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