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MKS Maschinen Handels GmbH
Sheet Offset, 1 Color
Ryobi, 520, 1996 (Ref.:M5750)
Year: 1996   Size: 36 x 52 cm   
Price: on request   
conventional dampening
Heidelberg, KORD 64, 1969 (Ref.:M5768)
Year: 1969   Size: 46 x 64 cm   
Price: on request   
Adast, DOMINANT 515, 1991 (Ref.:M5835)
Year: 1991   Size: 380 x 520 mm   
Price: on request   
standart machine
Heidelberg, KOR, 1964 (Ref.:M5853)
Year: 1964   Size: 400 x 570 mm   
Price: on request   
Heidelberg, GTO 46, 1975 (Ref.:M5911)
Year: 1975   Size: 360 x 460 mm   
Price: on request   
numbering and perforating unit
Heidelberg, Printmaster PM 52-1, 2002 (Ref.:M5919)
Year: 2002   Size: 370mm x 520mm   Impression: 17 mio.   
Price: on request   
presscontrol with remotely adjustable circumferential and lateral register
Heidelberg suction tape feeder
ultrasonic and electromechanical double-sheet detectors
sheet arrival control
remotely controllable front and pull lays
alcolor continuous-film dampening system with circulation, cooling and alcohol stabilization
18 rollers, including 4 form rollers
laser-slit blade-type ink fountain
chromed plate cylinder
easyplate with automatic positioning run
diagonal register adjustment via plate c
manual adjustment of cylinder contact pr
corrosion-proof blanket cylinder (3mm in undercut)
anodized impression cylinder with replac
bearer-on-bearing running
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