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MKS Maschinen Handels GmbH
Sheet Offset
Ryobi, 520, 1996 (Ref.:M5750)
Year: 1996   Size: 36 x 52 cm   
Price: on request   
conventional dampening
Adast, Dominant 515, 1991 (Ref.:M5835)
Year: 1991   Size: 380 x 520 mm   
Price: on request   
standart machine
Ryobi, 3300 CR, 1995 (Ref.:M5748)
Year: 1995   Size: 340 x 460 mm   
Price: on request   
Straight machine
Heidelberg, MOZP, 1986 (Ref.:M5936)
Year: 1986   Size: 480 x 650 mm   Impression: 84 Mio.   
Price: on request   
Kompact dampening system
Continuous/stream feeder
Heidelberg, Speedmaster 74-2, 1998 (Ref.:M5979)
Year: 1998   Size: 52 x 74 cm   Impression: 54 mio.   
Price: on request   
alcolor continous dampening
Heidelberg, QUICKMASTER QM 46-2, 2001 (Ref.:M5993)
Year: 2001   Size: 340 x 460 mm   Impression: 32,6 mio.   
Price: on request   
plus version
Ryobi, 522 HXX, 2001 (Ref.:M6016)
Year: 2001   Size: 360 x 520 mm   Impression: 30 Mio.   
Price: on request   
Stream feeder
Vacuum feed board
Register remote adjustment
Plate cocking device
Ryobimatic film dampenings
Cooling unit MGE ECO
AAC - Aqua Automatic Control System
Semi-automatic plate change SAPC
Prepared to use polyester plates
Automatic ink roller washing device
Automatic blanket washing unit
Dry sprayer
Hans Gronhi, GH 524, 2008 (Ref.:M5740)
Year: 2008   Size: 360 x 520 mm   Impression: 15 mio.   
Price: on request   
Antistatic blower on feeder head
Side guided paper detector
Oscillating Ink Form Rollers
Shinmatic continuous dampening
Operation Console
Automatic Blanket Wash-up System
Semi-automatic Plate Changer
Automatic Ink Roller Cleaning System
Heidelberg, Speedmaster SM 52-4-P3-H, 1999 (Ref.:M5935)
Year: 1999   Size: 370 x 520 mm   Impression: 73 Mio.   
Price: on request   
Alcolor dampening system
Auto Plate
CPC 1.04
High pile feeder
KBA, Rapida 74-5, 2003 (Ref.:M5842)
Year: 2003   Size: 520 x 740 mm   Impression: 70 Mio.   
Price: on request   
Automatic ink roller wash-up device
Blanket wash-up device
Impression cylinder washer
Temperatuer control
Heidelberg, Speedmaster SM 102-5-P3, 2006 (Ref.:M5980)
Year: 2006   Size: 720 x 1020 mm   Impression: 258 Mio.   
Price: on request   
All grippers are changed in 2019 for 14.000 EUR
PPF Preset Plus feeder
Steel plate in the feeder
Alcolor Vario dampening system
Automatic ink roller washing device
Automatic blanket washer
Automatic pressure cylinder washing device
Dampening unit: Technotrans Beta.C, AlcoSmart
Color Temperature Control
PPD Preset Plus edition
Powder sprayer, manufacturer: Powderstar Duo Plus
Heidelberg, Speedmaster SM 74-5+L, 2008 (Ref.:M5966)
Year: 2008   Size: 530 x 740 mm   Impression: 111 Mio.   
Price: on request   
Min. size: 210 x 280 mm
Max. size: 530 x 740 mm
Max. material thickness: 0,6 mm
Straight machine without perfecting
Plate punch and plate bending device
Alcolor dampening system
CPC, control system: PrintCenter
Inking unit washup device
Blanket washup device
Powder spray devices: Alphatronic 200
Dryer: HD-IR + HL-Preset
Dampening solution circulation and cooli
Inking unit combination device, dampening solution temperature: Water-cooled
Product designation: Technotrans
Feeder special accessory: Pile support p
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